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Pipe Couping Fittings manufacturer PipesTec supplies Pipe Couplings, Tube Couplings, Coupling Pipe Fittings in kinds of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, plastic, PVC, etc.

Couplings Product List

Butt Welded / Threaded Couplings
ST 073
Pipe Couplings Fitting manufacturer PipesTec supplies Butt Welded Couplings, Threaded Couplings Pipe Fittings with Different Full, Half Sizes and Materials.
Threaded Full / Half Couplings
ST 014-PF5
Threaded Coupling Pipe Fitting manufacturer PipesTec supplies Threaded Full Couplings, Threaded Half Pipe Coupling, Various Sizes and Materials are Available.
Pipe Coupling Fittings
ST 012 PFSS16
Pipe Coupling Fitting manufacturer PipesTec supplies Pipe Coupling Fittings, Coupling Pipe Fittings made of carbon steel, stainless steel for Oils and Chemical Industries.
ASME SA105N Threaded Full Coupling, ASME B16.11, 3000#
ST 013 TFC 02
Threaded Coupling manufacturer PipesTec supplies ASME B16.11 ASME SA105N Threaded Full Coupling, ASME B1.20.1 NPT Ends, 3000 LB, 2 Inch, or as required.
ASTM A105 Straight Coupling, NPT Threaded Full, 3000 LB
ST 14 SC 01
China ASTM A105 Straight Coupling Manufacturer PipesTec Supplies ANSI B 16.11 ASTM A105 Threaded Full Straight Couplings, ASME B1.20.1 NPT, 3000LB, 3/4 Inch.
Victaulic Grooved Coupling, Ductile Iron ASTM A536
ST 14 VGC 01
China Victaulic Grooved Coupling Manufacturer PipesTec offers Ductile Iron ASTM A536 Victaulic Grooved Couplings, BSPT & BSP & NPT Thread, EPDM Gasket.
ASTM A536 Gr 65 Grooved Coupling, DI, EPDM Gasket
ST 14 GC 01
China Ductile Iron Grooved Coupling Manufacturer PipesTec Provides ASTM A536 Gr 65 Grooved Couplings, EPDM Gasket, ISO 898 Bolts & Nuts, Epoxy Painted.
API 3000 Half Coupling, ASTM A105, NPT Female
ST 14 HC 01
China Pipe Half Coupling Manufacturer PipesTec Provides API 3000 Half Couplings, ASTM A105, NPT Female End, Standard ANSI B16.11, Size 1/2 Inch.
API 6000 Half Coupling, NPT Female, ANSI B16.11
ST 14 HC 02
China Half Coupling Manufacturer PipesTec Provides API 6000 Half Couplings, NPT Female End, Material ASTM A105, ANSI B16.11 Standard, Size 1/2 Inch.
Pipe Coupling, API 5CT, API 5B, N80, 2-7/8 Inch
ST 15 PC 01
China API 5CT & 5B Pipe Coupling Manufacturer PipesTec Provides API 5CT Couplings, API 5B Couplings, N80, 2-7/8 Inch NUE for Pipe System.
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