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Spacer Ring / Spade Flanges

In the oil and chemical process industries, a spade is a round piece of metal with a small tab that is placed in between two pipe flanges to give positive isolation from the centre; usually to prevent cross contamination between fluids or to allow work on the line.
Spacer Ring, Spade Flange, Special Flange manufacturer PipesTec supplies Spacer Rings Flanges, Spade Flanges, Special Flanges made in forged steel, Stainless Steel, alloy steel, etc.

Spacer Ring / Spade Flanges Product List

Spacer Flanges
ST 010-FL05
Spacer Flange Manufacturer PipesTec Supplies Spacer Flanges, Spacer Ring Flanges Used in oil & gas, offshore, water system, electric power, pipe projects, etc
Spade Flanges
Spade Flange Manufacturer PipesTec Supplies ANSI B16.48 Spade Flanges, API590 Spade Flanges, ASTM A516 Gr.60, A516 Gr.65, A516 Gr. 70 Flange Spades.
A182 F316 Spade Flanges & Spacer Flanges, 300LB, 1 1/2
ST 14 SRF 01
China A182 F316 Spade Flanges & Spacer Flanges Manufacturer PipesTec offers Stainless Steel A182 F316 Spade Flanges & Spacer Flanges, Class 300, 1 1/2 Inch.
ASME B16.48 Paddle Blind, A515 Gr 60, RF, 20 Inch
ST 14 PB 01
China Paddle Blind Manufacturer PipesTec Provides ASTM A515 Grade 60 Paddle Blind, ASME/ANSI B16.48 Standard, Raised Face, Class 300LB, Size 20 Inch.
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